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  • Winter Care for House Plants

    You've begun to notice your house plants have slowed down, producing less new growth and maybe dropping a leaf here or there. Now's time to switch up your house plant care routine!

    I know there is A LOT of different advice out there on how we can best look after our plants during these colder months, but I'm here to (hopefully) simplify it all for you.  

  • All About Tree Fern Fibre

    Have you ever heard of Fern Fibre and wondered what is was, how it's used and what the benefits of it are? Well, you've come to the right place! Read on to find out all about what it is, how its used and the benefits you can expect to see!
  • My Advice for a Beginner/New House Plant Parent

    So, you've purchased your first house plant, Congratulations!
    You've officially joined the community & are on a slippery slope to wanting every single house plant available on the market. There is MUCH to learn about the ups and downs of plant parenthood, however I have a few words of advice for all you brand new plant mums & dads!