About us

Welcome to GrowingGreen 

Hi, I'm Rachel, a self taught house plant enthusiast based out of my greenhouse in Auckland, New Zealand.

Since I purchased my first house plant in 2018, I started to develop a passion for them.

So I started an instagram page where I would share everything about my collection including my experiences with different propagation methods, plant products etc.

I began to get a few messages asking if I was selling any of the plants I had. This is where the idea was sparked around starting my own business and the rest is history! GrowingGreen was born!

I'm not alone though, I get an immense amount of support from my husband Paul who helps to pack all your orders, purchase in a lot of our products and of course assists in market & event days.

House plants bring so much joy & life into our homes. Personally, I find it extremely satisfying watching all my hard work pay off by seeing my plants thrive in my care!

Our goal with GrowingGreen is to help you to also develop & nurture your own passion for house plants and build a community where we can share our knowledge with one another. 

Rather than just being another big ole, faceless business, we hope that your experience purchasing with us will be a more personal & enjoyable one, like you're buying from a friend, so don't hesitate to message us whenever about whatever! We love to chat 💬

I also want to make GrowingGreen a space where we acknowledge that house plant care isn't a 'one size fits all approach', there isn't always a single right answer when it comes to helping our plants thrive so if it works for you, then keep doing you!!

If you're wanting to take better care of your house plants & to learn all sorts of tips and tricks to help them thrive, make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, & YouTube.  Here I like to share everything I have learnt from personal experience that has helped me level up my house plant game.

This is also where you can keep up to date with future happenings with GrowingGreen & extra behind the scenes content. (P.S, don't forget to sign up to our email list for exclusive early bird insights!)

They say every time you buy from a small business, an actual person does a little happy dance. 💃 This is LITERALLY me every time someone makes an order. We understand that there is a lot of choice out there these days as to where you choose to purchase your house plant supplies from, which is why every single order means the world to us 💚

So THANK YOU in advance for all your support, we look forward to helping your house plant dreams come true! 😊

Enjoy The Website!

- Rachel & Paul.x