Hydro Clay Balls (LECA) 2.5L
Hydro Clay Balls (LECA) 2.5L
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Hydro Clay Balls (LECA) 2.5L

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LECA is an acronym that stands for Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate and is a great potting medium that can be added into your regular potting mix to help make it more chunky or it can be used alone and is perfect for plant propagation.
Clay Balls are also known as Clay Pebbles, Hydro Balls, Hydroton balls or Leca Balls.

- 2.5L (~1kg) per bag
- 8 to 16mm pebbles
- Neutral pH value
- Country of origin: The Netherlands

Benefits of using LECA include:

  • Blended with other growing mediums such as soil and peat, it can improve drainage, retain water and provide roots with increased oxygen levels promoting very vigorous growth.
  • Re-usable & environmentally friendly
  • Reduced risk of pests & diseases 
  • Good for water retention & drainage. LECA is filled with tiny pores. It holds the perfect amount of water and drains any excess to prevent overwatering. This promotes strong root systems.
  • Less weekly maintenance, as you won't have to water your plants as often.

Tips & Tricks 

Before using the LECA, we recommend you do a few things first:

- Wash the LECA thoroughly until the water runs mostly clear to wash off any of the clay dust. PLEASE NOTE do not rinse LECA in your sink as this may clog it. It's recommended that you do this outside.

- Soak the LECA in water for 24hrs before use.