Clear Nursery Pot 7cm SECONDS

Clear Nursery Pot 7cm SECONDS

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The damage ranges from cracked to chipped, but are all still completely functional! 

Clear nursery pots are one of the best ways to ensure the health of your house plants & propagations!

Their transparency allows you to keep an eye on what's going on below the soil, helping you to see your plants root health & growth progress. Just as fun as watching the plant itself!

They also allow you to manage the watering of your plants, helping you to see when they need a good soak or when they're good to go!

These clear pots are also great for Orchids and other plants who like a decent amount of light exposure to their roots.

This style of clear pot has a flat bottom (with drainage holes).


  • 7cm (w) x 7cm (h)
  • Injection moulded (strong & durable)
  • Contents 170ml
  • 100% recyclable

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